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A trip to Thailand with Thailand Tourism

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

So here's a story, 2 years back in lockdown there was a competition by Thailand Tourism and I was one of the lucky winners and the winning prize was a Trip to Thailand.

And finally the trip was possible after relief from COVID Restrictions.

Every day of this trip was very happening so I'll be posting a series of one day at a time.

A Vistara flight over a city.
Vistara Aircraft flying over Thailand

Here you go, the first day of Thailand with @tat_india

After a wonderful @vistara flight, we were given a very warm welcome by @tat_india team at the airport.

Airport escort to welcome guests
Welcome by the team

Our ride to the beautiful @raweekanlaya resort was ready.

City of Bangkok from inside the car.
City of Bangkok from inside the car.

A bed in a room with window
Our Room

After quick rest, we went to experience the foodies paradise- Chinatown.

With the help of our local tour guide, we ate every specialty of Chinatown.

A boy singing on a busy street

Famous TukTuk of Thailand
Famous TukTuk of Thailand

A Michelin Star food joint.
A Michelin Star food joint.

A local sweet dink.
A local sweet dink.

sea food on a BBQ
Fresh sea food.

Well, that was just Day 1 of the trip.

Super excited for Day 2

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